Throwing the Perfect Kid’s Party – Fun Activities

Throwing the Perfect Kid’s Party – Fun Activities by Yombu
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Your child’s birthday is, of course a momentous occasion in their life and in yours which is why it is so important to make sure that everyone has fun. Naturally you will want to make the party space look its best so rolling out the bunting is essential, making sure there’s a big enough cake for everyone and getting all the food in order is also important.

All of the logistics aside however, your main objective is to make sure that all the guests have fun, which is why the activities you hold are some of the biggest considerations you will have to make. But where do you start?

How do you make sure that your party activities are on course to ensure everyone has a great time? Here are some fantastic ideas for party activities that will keep everyone entertained:

Cookie/Cake Decoration

Sitting everyone down to decorate their own cake, cookie of gingerbread man is a fantastic way to bring out your guests’ creative sides. All you need is some pre-made cakes or biscuits, some coloured icing tubes and of course some cake decorations and when they’re done, they also have something to eat!

Paper Folding

OK, so it doesn’t sound like the most entertaining of activities but simple origami is a fantastic way to keep the kids focused (and quiet) for a while. Swans, cranes and even pigs are fairly easy to make and can cost as little as a few pieces of paper. If origami sounds too serious then why not add a competitive element and have kids make and race paper airplanes?

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Cookie Decoating Throwing the Perfect Kid’s Party Yombu
Cookie Decorating
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Party Games

No kid’s party would be complete without party games and fortunately, on the whole these will cost you next to nothing to organise. You can choose classics like musical chairs or sleeping lions or if you want to invest in some presents then pass the parcel is always popular and treasure hunts can be equally fun


Balloons are likely to feature at you kid’s party anyway so why not make use of them and incorporate them into a game or activity. You could have a balloon decoration competition where kids make a self portrait of themselves using the balloon or simply use them for a party game – either seeing how many can be popped in 10 seconds or passing the balloon without using their hands.

Throwing the Perfect Kid’s Party – Fun Activities Yombu Events
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Bouncy Castles

Who doesn’t love a bouncy castle? Whilst the bouncy castle may require a little investment they can be an extremely fun activity for all involved. It does not even have to be a basic bouncy castle, many today are available as slides or even ball pits. Just make sure that if you do have a bouncy castle that you supervise everyone using it.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Another classic for children’s birthday parties is pin the tail on the donkey. The premise is quite simple; all you have to do is have a drawing of a donkey on the wall, a tail and a blindfolded child. Essentially, the child that pins the tail closest to the donkey’s rear end, wins.

The Mystery Box

A slightly quieter activity that is bound to keep the kids guessing; after filling a covered box with mystery items each child then has a go at feeling each one and then writing down what they think each item is. The child or children that guess correctly then get a small prize.

These are just a small selection of the activities you could undertake for a child’s birthday party but have hopefully provided some inspiration so that you can ensure everyone has the most enjoyable time possible.

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How do you throw the Perfect Kids Party?

1. Find a great location that goes with your theme.
2. Get great invites and send them early.
3. Book/plan fun entertainment to keep the kids busy.
4. Music to keep the vibe going.
5. Party snacks.
6. Themed gift bags for the kids to take home.

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