What To Do When Your Magician Cancels Last Minute

What To Do When Your Magician Cancels Last Minute by Yombu
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Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole
Last updated:  November 14, 2023

Booking a professional magician sure takes a load off when it’s time for a kiddie birthday party. Kids love magic for its ability to defy perception and expand the imagination. But what happens when the day doesn’t go as planned? When your magician cancels last minute, it can be frustrating, especially when you have a roomful of children who need entertaining. However, there are several steps you can take to handle the situation and find a suitable alternative:

What To Do When Your Magician Cancels Last Minute Yombu Cancellation Policy
Check the cancellation policy
What To Do When Your Magician Cancels Last Minute Yombu
Leave a review
What To Do When Your Magician Cancels Last Minute Yombu Facepainting
Consider alternatives

Check the Cancellation Policy

When it comes to delivering quality service, our policy regarding last minute cancellations is simple – it’s just not done. By signing up to our platform, our entertainers agree to fulfill all the bookings they accept and to do so with excellence. But our entertainers are humans too, which is why it’s important to know the reason behind the cancellation.

Request a Refund

When booking with Yombu, you are entitled to a refund if your entertainer doesn’t show up or cancels at the last minute, but this doesn’t happen unless there are extenuating circumstances. We send multiple reminders in-app, by SMS and email to the entertainers and we get the notifications when they are on their way to the event.
However, if it does happen we will investigate the matter thoroughly and unless the cancellation was due to emergency circumstances, such as an accident, family emergency or illness, we have a hearing with the entertainer.

What To Do When Your Magician Cancels Last Minute Yombu Events
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Leave a Review

If your magician cancels at the last minute for reasons not constituting an emergency, leave a review on our platform. It’s important to us that our entertainers deliver quality service and keep their commitments. We encourage clients to leave reviews, whether good or bad, so that we can evaluate the entertainer’s service.

Find Alternatives

Thankfully, efficient booking is what Yombu is all about! Our marketplace connects parents and party planners with professional entertainers quickly and easily. If your magician cancels last minute, definitely try to find another one. If none are available, we also have other amazing entertainers for balloon twisting, face painting and princess or superhero party characters that children also love.

Still Have an Awesome Party

As much as it sucks, try not to let it get you down. Children are incredibly resilient and can have fun regardless of whether a magician shows up or not. Remember to encourage your birthday child to enjoy themselves with their friends with dancing, taking photos and eating cake, which are all things that don’t require an entertainer and can take up time until an alternative shows up.

We hope that when you booked your magician, you booked it with us! However, these points can be applied anywhere. Be sure to know where you stand in terms of what you’re entitled to and gather all the necessary information you need to take informed action. And above all, have an awesome party! The children won’t be too minded about the entertainer whom they didn’t know, but rather all those who came to celebrate with them.


How do I pick a reliable magician?

A great thing about our platform is that the entertainers with the highest ratings are moved to the top of the list, so you can be sure that if they’re there, they’ve delivered great service. That’s why leaving ratings are so important – you help other parents and party planners book with peace of mind.

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