We provide customer, guest, member, and other digital check-in solutions. With Yombu, end users can check into a spa or medical appointment, fitness personal training session or group class, hotel stay, and many other activities with a simple fingerprint scan. Daycare facilities, schools, and sports complexes use Yombu for child drop-off and pick-up verification as well. For guest check-in, we offer tablet-based software to capture name, email, birthdate, and/or other data.

Biometric solutions mitigate fraud while enhancing security, customer satisfaction, transaction speed, and convenience. Yombu’s software is integrated with Mindbody and Clover POS, in addition to other management systems.

Our check-in system is fully configurable and integration-ready. Have questions? Please feel free to get in touch here.

About us

Yombu is a software and biometric company focused on creating amazing, digital-first client experiences for all areas of the customer lifecycle.


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