Time Clock

For time and attendance, we offer our own proprietary biometric hardware and software system. This includes access to a web-based administrative portal for uploading employee data and running reports on time worked, breaks, and more. The Yombu timeclock device is WiFi-enabled with an LCD capacitive touchscreen.

Yombu’s biometric time and attendance system provides an accurate record of who is on site at any given time. PIN numbers and punch cards can easily be lost, stolen, or passed between employees. But with Yombu, employees check into their shifts by scanning their fingerprints.

Our biometric system also eliminates fraud due to “buddy punching”. While some hourly workers may only arrive 10 to 20 minutes late, buddy punching can create substantial business losses when compounded across employees and over time. Gaps in employee coverage can also result in security issues or lost revenue opportunities.

Industries that often leverage biometric time clock technology include manufacturing companies, restaurants and food service, and retail. But many other industries are beginning to see the value of biometrics for time and attendance, including summer camps, family entertainment centers, and consulting and law firms, among others.

Yombu’s time and attendance technology seamlessly integrates into existing business processes and software systems. Our system is fully configurable to include relevant business rules such as auto-clock-out and lunch and break punching. The software is capable of integrating with ERP, financial, member management, POS, and other systems.

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