7 Most Popular Boys Party Themes in 2023

7 Most Popular Boys Party Themes in 2023 by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 15, 2023

2023 has been an amazing year for children's parties around the world. With a wealth of new movies, fresh ideas, and beloved old themes making a comeback, kids' parties have never been more exciting. From delving into blocky, pixelated worlds to swinging between the skyscrapers of New York City, the top boys' party themes of 2023 are as adventurous as they are diverse. In this post, we traverse the world of popular boys' party themes, highlighting the most popular ones booked on the Yombu website. Whether you're planning an epic birthday bash or need a theme for the next school dance, this guide will help you navigate the trending themes for boys this year and provide tips on how best to plan them. The popular boys party themes we are going to cover are:
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Featured image for “5 Steps to Planning the perfect Minecraft Party”

5 Steps to Planning the perfect Minecraft Party

Embark on a block-busting journey to craft the perfect Minecraft party. This handy guide uncovers decorations that bring your space alive, from the luminescent Pottery Barn Creeper LED Light to DIY life-sized Creepers. No party is complete without a cake worthy of the End Dragon – think chocolate layers adorned with Minecraft icons. And the snacks? Imagine cookies mined straight from a virtual world, cupcakes that are literally 'the bomb,' and cake pops that pack a punch of flavor. Keep young guests entertained with crafting quests like designing Minecraft heads, cookie decoration stations, and epic scavenger hunts. It's Minecraft party time.
Featured image for “How to Throw an Epic Fortnite Themed Party”

How to Throw an Epic Fortnite Themed Party

Parachute into the electrifying world of Fortnite with Yombu's definitive guide to hosting an epic Fortnite-themed party. Immerse guests in Battle Royale decor with a backdrop of the famed Fortnite island, a Loot Llama piñata brimming with treats, and glow-in-the-dark balloons to evoke the game's mystifying storm. Host a Fortnite Dance-Off, a pulse-racing Balloon Battle Royale, treasure hunts, and epic foam dart battles. Serve up delicious 'Cozy Lounge' pizza paired with the iconic Shield Potion, edible med kits, and of course, a Fortnite-inspired cake.
Featured image for “Jungle Safari Birthday Party”

Jungle Safari Birthday Party

Things are about to get wild with our guide on how to plan a Jungle Safari Birthday Party. Suitable for all age groups, you can choose cute or fierce jungle animals depending on your attendees. To set the Jungle mood, decorate with green, yellow, and orange balloons, streamers, and real greenery. Entertainment can include games like pin the tail on the zebra, a jungle safari hunt, or craft stations where kids can create animal masks or jewelry. Serve up some trail mix, and fruit kabobs, topped off with cupcakes adorned with animal crackers. And to complete the experience, send guests home with toy binoculars, stuffed animals, or finger puppets.
Featured image for “Circus First Birthday Party”

Circus First Birthday Party

Step right up to Yombu's guide on crafting the ultimate Circus First Birthday Party—a celebration that captures the magic and whimsy of the big top. From invitations shaped like iconic circus tents to a vivid array of decorations featuring stuffed animals, festive music, and circus-themed tablecloths, the atmosphere promises to enchant. Serve up classic circus delights such as popcorn, cotton candy, and hot dogs, and as the grand finale, present them with party favours encapsulating the circus spirit, from animal crackers to helium balloons.
Featured image for “How To Plan A Fantastic Beasts Themed Party”

How To Plan A Fantastic Beasts Themed Party

For a spellbinding Fantastic Beasts-themed party, transport your guests to the magical 1920s of Newt Scamander's adventures. Encourage guests to dress in 1920s attire, ranging from glamorous outfits to the simpler looks from the movie. Decorate your space with faux gold jewelry, reminiscent of the mischievous niffler's hoard, available affordably from Amazon. Shiny pens, watches, and faux pearls can also be used, with children possibly taking home some as party favors, along with chocolate coins. And make a grand statement with an owl balloon arch, a nod to the wizarding world, which can be crafted by balloon décor professionals.
Featured image for “How To Plan a Spiderman Party”

How To Plan a Spiderman Party

Your child is obsessed with Spiderman and their party is coming up. Never fear! Here's how to plan a Spiderman party like a superhero. For parents grappling with crafting the ultimate Spidey experience, this post weaves together the best ideas. Start with a cake that's simply spectacular, then dive into printables and swing into Spidey snacks – with cake pops as the star of the show. Set the scene with DIY decorations, from intricate yarn webs to themed paper chains and red Spidey-faced plates. Alternatively, take the hassle-free route with Party City's extensive collection. Whether you design a red yarn Spiderweb maze, indulge in classic games with a Spidey twist, or bash a Spiderman Piñata, the possibilities for fun are endless.
Featured image for “How To Plan a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party”

How To Plan a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

A prehistoric adventure with Yombu in the ultimate guide to crafting a Dinosaur themed Birthday Party. Transform your venue with vibrant jungle-themed backdrops, balloon garlands, and lifelike dinosaur props. Sweeten the day with custom dino cakes from Bakery Lorraine or Oakleaf Cakes, and introduce a creative twist to your menu with dino-shaped veggies and fruits. Round off with unique invitations and party favors, from footprint-themed invites to golden egg hunts. Whether it's pterodactyl wings or lava cheese blocks, this guide ensures a roaring success for your dino party.

Tips and Tricks when Picking your Party Theme

With quite a few years of planning parties under my belt, I have found that the right party theme can really set your event apart. Whether you’re planning a child’s birthday bash or a special celebration, here are some tips that will help you pick the right theme for your event.

  1. Start with the Very Important Person
    This should be an obvious one, but from experience I have attended a number of parties where the Birthday child wasn’t consulted about their party theme. Seeing as it’s their party we recommend parents ask the special guest what theme they would like. You just might be surprised by their choice.
  2. Match the Party Theme with the Party Type
    What do we mean by that? By party type we are referring not to the theme but to the overall idea behind the party, for instance; a first Birthday, Quinceañera or Baby shower would be a party type and Dinosaurs, Trucks or Race Cars would be the party theme. Making sure the theme complements the event’s purpose (type) is important when planning a party.
  3. Venue and Seasonal Considerations
    Your party’s location and the season it’s held in should influence your theme choice. If you’re having a boys outdoor party during the summer, a “Pirate” or “Race Car” theme might be perfect. For indoor venues, in Winter you can explore a wider range of themes, like: “Fortnite“, “Harry Potter” or “Minecraft“.
  4. DIY or Go Pro
    One of the big choices is going to be whether you DIY or go with a Professional Party planner. For many parents (myself included) planning the party theme and finding everything the party needs is all part of the fun. But there are of course a lot of Pro’s to hiring a party planner can take the stress off your shoulders and ensure a polished, professionally executed party theme.

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