Yombu Kids Party Blog Kids Party Planning in Los Angeles

Kids Party Planning in Los Angeles

From the best kids party venues, cake shops and parks to where you can find the best ice cream, discover…
Yombu Blog Kids Party Planning in Los Angeles

Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole
Last updated:  November 15, 2023

At Yombu, we have a bit of a penchant for kids party planning, (as you might have guessed) we love the creativity and excitement that goes into orchestrating what is often the highlight of a child's year. The wide range of themes, snacks, activities, entertainment, budgets and ideas we encounter at parties in LA is quite amazing. In this post, we'll delve into everything you need to know to plan an exceptional kids' party in LA—from top-notch venues, party shops, balloon decor, entertainment and tips for visiting Disneyland, to our list of the best ice cream spots in town. So, whether you're coordinating a birthday celebration, searching for affordable activities, or simply interested in discovering what the City of Angels has to offer for children, this post is tailor-made for you.

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Party Planning Tips and Tricks

Kids’ party planning in the bustling City of Los Angeles is a fun and sometimes challenging experience. With over 8 years of experience in party planning, I’ve learned some valuable tips and tricks that make the process a whole lot simpler and that take the stress out of planning.

  1. Start by picking the Location
    The party venue is definitely the most important step in organising your party, and should be the first thing you consider. Venues in LA get very booked up around the Holidays and in Winter so we recommend booking at least 6 weeks in advance. If you decide to use your house as the venue make sure to have an entertainment or activity plan to keep the kids busy, we have been to a number of parties where the kids weren’t kept busy and it can be stressful and chaotic.
  2. Next, Pick the Party Theme
    The party theme is another important choice that you want to get out of the way early, I recommend asking the Birthday child what theme they would like instead of guessing, their answer might surprise you. In some cases your party theme is going to determine the location in which case it should be top of your list, particularly if the theme is a picnic (park), safari (Zoo) or any other location dependant theme.
  3. Get your invites out early
    LA kids have busy schedules so get your party invites designed and sent out early. The earlier the better, I generally get ours out around 6 weeks before a party, but anything under a month can be considered short notice.
  4. Decide on and book your entertainment
    If you are planning your party at home you will want to decide on the entertainment and activities and get them booked early. Our entertainers schedules fill up around 2 – 3 weeks in advance so booking around 3 weeks prior to the party should ensure availability. If you are reading this and have less than 2 weeks left to organise your party I would reccommend booking on Friday afternoon or Sunday as you will find that Saturdays are the busiest day for kids parties in LA and most providers will be fully booked.

    There are also a wide variety of fun activities that you can DIY with your little guests, some of our favourites are Piñata’s, Treasure hunts (Etsy has some amazing options), cookie decorating or if you have the energy for it you can plan some fun party games.. Check out our list of the best party games for kids here.

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