Our Favourite Girls Party Themes in 2023

Our Favourite Girls Party Themes in 2023 by Yombu
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Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole
Last updated:  November 15, 2023

Every year, kids' party trends evolve, and new themes emerge. 2023 has shown that party themes are anything but mundane. Whether it's a nostalgic trip to Hawkins, Indiana or a TikTok-themed birthday celebration, this year has unveiled a myriad of enchanting party themes every girl would dream of. Join us as we delve into our handpicked favourites.., The themes that have lit up parties in 2023. Some of the party themes we will explore include:
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Featured image for “How to Throw an Epic Stranger Things Themed Kids Party”

How to Throw an Epic Stranger Things Themed Kids Party

Eager to dive into the mysterious world of Hawkins, Indiana? If your pre-teen can handle a touch of the supernatural, a Stranger Things themed kids party might just be the ticket! Transport your venue straight to Hawkins with authentic décor. Dispatch eerie invites with iconic red text against a dark backdrop, hinting at ventures into the Upside Down. Encourage guests to don '80s garb or mimic beloved characters – a pink frock paired with Eggos screams Eleven! Serve up Stranger Things-inspired munchies and keep the younglings engaged with show-themed games. Prepare to tread the realms of the Upside Down!
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How To Throw A Rainbow Themed Party For Kids

Unleash the magic of vibrant hues with the ultimate kids' rainbow-themed party, where every detail is imbued with color and whimsy. Dive into a wonderland adorned with colorful streamers, balloons, and a statement-making rainbow balloon arch. Send out shimmering invitations, crafty with rainbow touches, and encourage guests to don their most colorful outfits. Feast on a smorgasbord of rainbow delights - from fruit skewers and cupcakes to a show-stopping rainbow cake. With color at its core, this party promises boundless joy and creativity, making rainbow-chasing an enchanting adventure!
Featured image for “A Boho Dream: How to Throw the Ultimate Boho Kids’ Party”

A Boho Dream: How to Throw the Ultimate Boho Kids’ Party

Channeling the free-spirit and whimsy of the bohemian style, a Boho Kids' Party celebrates the wonders of nature and eclectic charm. For the ultimate Boho party, set the scene with lush floral arrangements from places like Blossom Flower Shop or Wildstems. Vintage furniture, macramé decor, and mismatched tableware lend an authentic touch. Sweeten the occasion with boho-inspired treats from Sweet E’s, DB Bakers, or Misha’s Cupcakes. Activity-wise, engage the young ones in flower crown crafting, outdoor teepee adventures, a feather hunt, and boho dance-offs. Embrace the boho spirit, and create a dreamy escape that both kids and adults will adore.
Featured image for “How To Plan a TikTok Themed Party”

How To Plan a TikTok Themed Party

Jump on the TikTok trend wave and host a party that's the talk of the app! With its booming 700 million users, a TikTok-themed party is an obvious hit. Gift your pals with trending goodies from TikTok-partnered brands and groove to iconic TikTok dances - maybe even launch a dance-off or test your knowledge with a TikTok quiz! Indulge in a vibrant cake echoing TikTok’s lively hues and surprise the star of the show with a Cameo from their cherished TikToker. Deck your space in signature blue, pink, and black, and kick it off with Yombu's dynamic digital invite. Dive into this digital era festivity, and TikTok your way to an unforgettable soirée!
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How To Plan A Tiffany Themed Party

To celebrate the elegance of Tiffany, the renowned luxury jeweler, Yombu presents How to plan a Tiffany Themed Party. With Crowning Details at the helm, expect blue hues in décor, from balloons to chair ties. Infuse the air with Tiffany’s Rose Gold eau de parfum for a luxe touch, and treat guests to simple bites and bubblegum milkshakes. Party favors in Tiffany Blue boxes promise sweetness, while faux pearl necklaces channel classic glamour. The essence? Pure, stylish fun with a splash of blue.
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How To Plan a Chanel Themed Party

Presenting our glamorous guide on how to Plan a Chanel themed party, inspired by the iconic fashion mogul, Coco Chanel. A quintessentially Chanel affair is painted in its classic colors of black and white, complemented by beige, gold, and occasional seasonal hues. Attendees can elevate their look with timeless attire, while professional makeup artist Kate Kats adds that touch of luxury. The pièce de résistance? A decadent dessert bar, featuring treats from B. Patisserie and refreshing beverages. And for those wondering about the perfect venue? A Chanel-themed garden party, as suggested by Elle, exudes sophistication.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Theme

As a party planner and also a parent, I understand the excitement and pressure that comes with choosing the perfect party theme for your little girl’s celebration. In 2023, there are numerous options to pick from, making it both exciting and sometimes overwhelming. To help you when you are planning your next Birthday bash, I’ve put together some tips to help guide you in selecting a popular girls’ party theme.

  1. Consider the Birthday Child’s Interests
    The first step in picking the perfect party theme for your little ones bash is to consider your child’s interests. Think about what makes her eyes light up and what she’s passionate about at this stage in her life. Whether it’s a favorite movie, TV show, book, cartoon or hobby, choosing a theme that resonates with her will make the party extra special. We also highly recommend discussing the theme with your Child, her party theme choice might just surprise you.
  2. Stay Up to Date with the Latest Trends
    When picking a popular theme, it’s important to keep an eye on the current trends. Pinterest is a hotspot for party theme, you can also check out event planning websites, and popular magazines.
  3. Make Sure the Theme Isn’t too Unique
    We all aspire to host a birthday bash with a distinctive and unforgettable theme. However, the downside is that those themes are often not readily supported by local party shops, and finding the themed supplies can be a challenging task. My recommendation is to conduct an online search before finalizing your party theme to ensure its availability and avoid any disappointment.
  4. Personalize It
    While it is important to stay current with latest trends, don’t forget to personalize the theme to make it unique for your child. You can add a personal touch by incorporating her favorite colors, her name, or her hobbies into the theme.

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