The Complete Guide to Kids Party Entertainment

The Complete Guide to Kids Party Entertainment by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 13, 2023

If you’re on a mission to throw the ultimate kids party, you’re in the right place. We’ve got the scoop on kids party entertainment that’ll turn your event into an unforgettable bash. From balloon animals to princesses, games, and more, today we are diving deep into the world of kid-friendly fun

Kids Party Entertainment Ideas

Balloon Modelling

Winnie the Pooh said it best when he said: “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” Balloon modeling is where the magic happens and is an absolute must for keeping the little ones engaged and having fun at an event. For the younger crowd (I’m thinking of 3-year-olds), hire a balloon twister who can create simple designs like flowers, swords, butterflies, dogs, poodles, and anything that can be made in under a minute.

Smaller children won’t stand in line for long, so keep it simple. For 6-year-olds and up, I recommend going all out! Professional balloon artists can craft anything from superheroes and mermaids to princesses and dragons, and much more. These sculptures can take up to 5 minutes per design to create (depending on the speed of the artist), so, generally speaking, book your twister for around 60 minutes for every 10-12 kids you are expecting at the party.

Characters for Hire

Kids love their heroes, whether it’s Spider-Man, Elsa, or a mermaid. Hiring a character entertainer can bring your party to life and add some imagination to any event. The characters will interact with the kids, pose for photos, and make your party unforgettable. We recommend organizing simple games that fit the theme of your character, like tug-of-war and tail tag for Spider-Man or superheroes, and musical statues, pass the parcel, and limbo for princess characters. If you are planning a party for children under 3 years old, have the character read an appropriate story or lead a sing-along with the little guests.

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Balloon Modelling
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Party Characters
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Kids Party Games

Kids Party Games

No birthday bash is complete without kids’ party games, and it’s far and away the best way to channel their boundless energy while ensuring they have a blast. I can highly recommend classic party games that all kids know and love, such as musical chairs, pass the parcel, tug of war, sack races, and pin the tail on the donkey. For those home-based shindigs, consider a scavenger hunt or a regular treasure hunt if it fits the theme.

Just make sure the games are suitable for the age group – you wouldn’t want a 3-year-old in a fierce tug of war. For older age groups, it can be more challenging to organise games that children will enjoy, but ‘Minute to Win It,’ charades, and Pictionary on a whiteboard with two teams are wildly popular with older participants. Check our our full article here, for more details

Professional Party Entertainment Services


Kids absolutely love getting their faces painted at parties, and it’s often one of their favorite activities. Being able to transform into their favorite animals, superheroes, or even unicorns is simply irresistible. Since face painting is such a popular service, there’s no shortage of face painters to hire. Our recommendation is to hire a professional who has images and upfront pricing on their website, along with recent Google reviews that you can check. Additionally, ensure they are bonded and insured, and that they use only child-safe, non-toxic paints that are FDA approved.

Magic Shows

Abracadabra! There’s no better way to keep a room full of excited children fully engaged than with a magic show. The art of illusion, combined with comedy, audience participation, and a sense of wonder, will turn any event into a magical experience. Whether it’s pulling a rabbit out of a hat or making objects disappear, the little ones will be in awe for days after the party. We recommend hiring a kids’ magician for children over the age of 6, as younger children may struggle to sit through the routines. To add a fun twist to the party and extend the show, consider buying small magic kits for the kids, and have your magician show them some simple tricks.

The Complete Guide to Kids Party Entertainment Yombu Events
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Princess Party Entertainer

Princess-themed parties are always a royal hit. Imagine the look on your child’s face when the doorbell rings, and they open it to see their favorite princess on the doorstep. Most princess entertainers have a set routine that they do with the kids. This usually includes singing with the kids, telling enchanting stories, and possibly playing some simple games. For an extra special twist, have your princess bring out the cake and lead the children in singing the Happy Birthday song.

DIY Party Entertainment


Who’s up for some singing? Karaoke is an absolute blast, and if your child is a little songbird, it’s the perfect idea for your kids’ party entertainment! Deck out a room as a mini disco, complete with a stage and disco lights, and use a projector to display music videos on the wall to make it extra fun. Be sure to choose age-appropriate songs and let the kids belt it out.

Inflatable Castles

Jump, bounce, and giggle! Inflatable castles and bounce houses are always a hit at every event and a surefire way to keep the kids entertained. Be sure to practise jumping castle safety and make sure it is pegged or tied down to ensure it doesn’t blow away in a sudden breeze.

Inflatable Castle
Face-painting in Boston by Yombu Kids Party Marketplace
Magic Shows

Scavenger Hunts, Pinatas, and Crafts

Want to keep the little guests busy with some DIY fun? Organize a scavenger hunt, smash a pinata, or get creative with crafts. Think friendship bracelets, paper plate masks, or decorating cupcakes and cookies. Crafts are the perfect way to keep the kids busy having fun and great for indoor Birthday bashes or events were space is limited.

Finding Kids Party Entertainment Services Near You

Importance of Local Services

When it comes to party planning, local is the name of the game. Local entertainers are convenient and often more affordable than hiring someone to travel to your event. Plus, you can scope them out by searching “near me” and easily see how they are reviewed or even better get a recommendation from a neighbour or friend.

How to Search for Services

Hit up Google, check local directories, and ask friends for recommendations. You’ll be surprised at the treasure trove of party entertainment options right in your neighbourhood.

And there you have it, the complete guide to kids’ party entertainment! A toolkit full of ideas, from balloon animals to princesses and everything in between. Now, go on and plan that kids’ party with some unforgettable entertainment that’ll have the little ones talking about it for years to come.

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