Are you sick and tired of forgetting your password? Many of us have password lists saved on our computer or just pre-saved passwords on our web browser (which, by the way, is a hacker’s dream). Let’s face it, the methods most people use to authenticate today are usually inconvenient or not very secure.

Posted Date:-3/8/2019

Scramble is a Yombu partner enrolled in Yombu’s biometric authentication services for waiver management and payments. Dan Klodowski, Business Intelligence Manager at Yombu, sat down for a Q&A with Laurence Smallman, owner of Scramble.

Posted Date:-2/21/2019

At Yombu, one of our priorities is to attend conferences relevant to us as a company that focus on biometrics for a variety of use cases, in particular, in-person payments, access control, and loyalty. In addition to attending conferences in order to position ourselves as leaders in the field of biometrics, we also attend events focused on our target sales markets, including fitness, family entertainment centers (or FECs), and quick-serve vendors (e.g., coffee shops, convenience stores). Attending the right conference, meeting, or networking event can be a great opportunity to connect with other companies in our industry, gain some advice and inspiration from leaders in our field, and even meet directly with vendors and merchants who may be interested in using our product.

Posted Date:-2/6/2019

In this blog post we asked a few Yombu employees, “what do you like to do for fun outside of work?” Here are their responses.

Posted Date:-1/18/2019

At Yombu, we have worked to perfect our biometric payment system that allows customers to pay without the need for any card, phone, or other physical device. It is a service that could seemingly be used to pay for anything at point of sale (POS), but there are some spaces where Yombu is particularly effective. One area where the Yombu system excels is at Family Entertainment Centers (FECs)—indoor amusement parks, family fun centers, playhouses, trampoline parks, and similar facilities. At FECs, Yombu’s biometric system includes functionality extending across not only payments, but also liability waiver verification at customer check in.

Posted Date:-1/3/2019

In the 1989 movie Back to the Future Part II, characters are depicted accessing doors and paying for things (e.g., a cab fare) by fingerprint. Increasingly, this is becoming reality – a society where a person is their form of access and payment, and where any physical device is a convenience rather than a constraint.

Posted Date:-12/18/2019

One area that particularly benefits from Yombu’s biometric technology is the health and fitness industry: gyms, yoga and cycling studios, CrossFit franchises and similar facilities. How does Yombu work at a gym or fitness studio and what are the key benefits? Yombu biometric systems resolve several issues in the health and fitness space, including reducing personal training session redemption fraud (by trainers), expediting entry into group fitness classes, streamlining member and guest check-in processes at a facility entrance, offering customers friction-less payment, enhancing customer self-serve data capture, and more.

Posted Date:-12/3/2019

For many businesses that have contractors, shift workers, part-time employees, or various types of hourly workers, it is important to validate when a worker is “on-the-clock” for payroll, security, and/or other purposes. The market is filled with a wide variety of time and attendance software, where the default option for employee clock-in has skewed toward a PIN, password, punch card, or form of proximity (e.g., RFID) card. Yet, only relatively recently have businesses begun to adopt biometric clock-in technology, particularly in the form of fingerprint-based authentication.

Posted Date:-11/18/2019

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