Yombu Kids Party Blog What to Wear to a Kids Birthday Party: Dos and Don’ts

What to Wear to a Kids Birthday Party: Dos and Don’ts

A closet full of clothes but what do you wear – especially to a kids birthday party? Yombu’s fashionistas give…
Yombu Blog What to Wear to a Kids Birthday Party: Dos and Don’ts


Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole  |  Last updated:  November 14, 2023

The fashion rules at a kid’s birthday party are certainly different from your regular Friday or Saturday night party with your friends. However, there’s no need to worry because with our tips you will be the ultimate kids’ birthday party fashionista!

Tips on What and What Not to Wear

Whether you are a parent, guardian, or simply a guest, the perfect outfit to wear to a kid’s birthday party is a bit of a tricky one! The secret to the perfect outfit is to wear something comfortable enough to move around in but will also look good in pictures. It may sound intimidating but with our Yombu-approved tips, it won’t be. Besides, showing up to a kid’s party in the wrong attire can be so awkward!

Wear Clothing that you can Easily Move Around In

Let’s face it, nobody has ever stood still at a kiddie’s party! You should aim to arrive wearing something that you can move around in and look good while doing it.


  • Tights/leggings have plenty of give
  • Loose-fitting mom jeans or wide-leg jeans are the way to go if you opt for denim.
  • Peplum shirts are the perfect balance of fancy yet comfortable, with all kinds of styles and colors available you’ll have plenty of options to choose from!
  • Midi/ maxi dresses and skirts are always a great idea! Not only do they highlight all your best features but they are light and breezy and non-restrictive

Wear Clothing that is Suitable for the Activity

Dress for the occasion! If you know the party is an active one wearing heels wouldn’t be the best idea. So, be sure to double-check the invitation for a hint about the activities taking place.


  • For a more “arts and crafts” kind of party opt for a denim overall with a blue shirt underneath.
  • Be prepared to run around with a comfy pair of sneakers, leggings, and a pretty T-shirt – this outfit would be amazing at the sporty type of parties.

Wear Layers to Take Off or Add on When Needed (If the Weather is Cold)

It’s a cold winter’s day and you need to get dressed to go to a kid’s birthday, so what on earth do you wear? Don’t be deceived by the temperature before leaving home because no one ever sat still at a kid’s birthday party. So, our best advice always is to wear layers! It is going to get sweaty and that’s why layers are great – they can be taken off or added to as needed while being at the party.


  • Cardigan
  • Leather jacket
  • Woolen jersey

Keep your Clothes Casual and Comfortable

Trust us, when you’re busy playing tag or crawling through a bounce house, the last thing you want to worry about is a stain or a wardrobe malfunction. By opting for clean and comfortable clothes, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the fun and games without any distractions.

Plus, wearing clothes that make you feel good will boost your confidence and make you stand out as the coolest adult at the party!


  • A pair of colorful, wide-leg pants paired with a simple top and comfortable sneakers or flats.
  • A loose and flowy jumpsuit in a bold color, paired with statement earrings and comfortable sandals or slides.
  • A comfortable and playful sundress with a fun print or pattern, paired with a denim jacket and comfortable sneakers.
What to wear to a kids party Yombu
Rock the mom jean
What to wear to a kids party Yombu
What to wear to a kids party Yombu
Layer it

Wear Shoes for Maximum Comfort

Your shoes are the most important piece of attire for any party – don’t let a poor pair ruin your night! Choose shoes that fit you well and feel comfortable, or else you will not be able to enjoy yourself at the party.


  • Ballet flats
  • Sneakers
  • Flat ankle boots
  • slides

Wear Clean and Stain-Free Clothes

One of the most important tips for clothes to wear to a kid’s birthday party is to avoid clothes that stain easily.  Accidents happen, but don’t let your poor clothes become a victim of that when you could have avoided it. A good rule of thumb would be to pick something nice but not too formal that could be ruined by cake, food, drinks, or any activity that is at the party. And keep a cloth handy for a quick wipe down!


  • A white/pastel outfit
  • Anything light suede
  • silk/satin
What to Wear to a Kids Birthday Party: Dos and Don’ts Yombu Events
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Sundress With Heels (for an Elegant Birthday Party)

Not all children’s parties include running around or even arts and crafts so, why not dress up? Whether you are attending an indoor or outdoor bash, a simple yet classic sundress and heels are an excellent choice for an elegant party.

You can also dress it up or down depending on the occasion. Unless you’re a pro in stilettos and okay with achy feet, something a little lower but that still gives you lift is a great compromise.


  • Wedged heels and a maxi sundress make you look and feel good. Comfort is key when choosing the perfect birthday party-heeled shoe, especially if you will be spending a lot of time there.
  • Comfort is key so, a high neckline sundress with a distinctive print and a color-coordinated low-block heel just adds that va-va-voom!
  • A1960s style hippie print midi sundress paired with a knee-high boot that is white with a low blocked heel is totally groovy!

Don’t Wear Revealing Clothes

Let’s keep it rated G, because there are kids around! So, it’s a good idea to leave your short skirts and short shorts at home because revealing clothing at a kid’s birthday party is inappropriate. You can be both modest and stylish.


  • V-cut/low-cut tops
  • Extremely short dresses, skirts, or shorts
  • Tight-fitted body cons

Now that you have our expert tips on what to wear to a kids’ birthday party, you can say goodbye to the stress of deciding what to wear. Remember, the key is to be comfortable and appropriate for the occasion.

Whether you’re running around with the little ones or dressing up for an elegant celebration, there are plenty of options to choose from. So, go ahead and show off your style, while enjoying the party!


Should I wear makeup to kids party?

There is no rule that says you have to wear makeup ever, but if you want to, a nice, clean, fresh-faced look is great. Keep in mind a clean canvas, in case you want to get in on the face-paint!

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