5 Steps to Planning the perfect Minecraft Party

5 Steps to Planning the perfect Minecraft Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 14, 2023

Since its inception in May 2009 Minecraft has captured the imaginations of millions of Children (and even adults around the World) the games popularity has made it a go-to party theme, which brings us to the purpose of this post – helping you plan an epic Minecraft party. Get ready to embark on an adventure that will take your next celebration to blocky new heights. In the next few paragraphs we will uncover the treasure trove of ideas that will make your event truly legendary, reveal five essential steps to ensure your Minecraft-themed celebration is a blast and uncover the secret recipe for a birthday cake that even Steve would envy. So grab your diamond pickaxe and let’s dig into our five ideas to help you to plan the perfect Minecraft party!

Minecraft Party Decorations

Transforming your space into a pixelated paradise doesn’t need to be as difficult as finding diamonds in a cave without a see-in-the-dark potion. For anyone looking to take the express route to awesomeness, the Pottery Barn Creeper LED Light, priced at $169, is an absolute must-have and a definite centerpiece of your party decorations. This Creeper light will literally light up your world with its green, blocky charm. Check it out here.

If, like me, you love crafts and DIYing your own decorations, Minecraft with its blocky design is the perfect theme for you. Grab some cardboard boxes, white, green, and black-colored paper, and get busy making your own life-size creepers. You can also very simply create a floating ghost by using a large box, black and white-colored paper, and toilet paper for his eerily realistic-looking legs.

The Minecraft Birthday Cake

Your Minecraft party won’t be complete without a delicious birthday cake that’s as epic as a dragon fight in the Nether! For a cake that’s as easy to decorate, we recommend an easy two-layer chocolate cake recipe by All Recipes. It’s the perfect canvas for your creative endeavors.

Consider decorating your cake with edible Minecraft-themed toppers like Steve, Creeper, or even a pickaxe which you can order from your local cake shop. And for those extra crafty bakers, you can use colorful fondant to create pixelated block patterns, turning your cake into a tasty piece of Minecraft terrain.

Minecraft themed Cookies
Minecraft Cake Pops
Minecraft Birthday Cake

Minecraft Party Snack Ideas

We all know the importance of snacks at kids’ parties. Planning a party without them would be like trying to survive a Zombie night raid with only a wooden sword. But never fear, we have some party snack classics that you can adapt to fit the Minecraft theme perfectly.

  • Minecraft cookies: That look like they’ve been freshly mined from a cookie cave. Whip up some square-shaped cookies and decorate them with edible ink to resemble iconic Minecraft blocks like grass, stone, and even diamond ore.
  • Cupcakes: That will have everyone saying, “These are the bomb!” Top them with edible Minecraft characters or pixelated patterns for an extra dose of deliciousness
  • Cake Pops: Everyones favourite party snack in 2023. These bite-sized treats can be shaped like mini Steve’s heads, Creepers or TNT blocks, exploding with flavour.

Feeling extra adventurous? Consider brewing some “Potion of Fun” with colorful fruit punch, or create “Creeper Crunch” by mixing up green popcorn. Make your party snacks as blocktastically awesome as the game itself!

5 Steps to Planning the perfect Minecraft Party Yombu Events
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Minecraft Party Activities

You’ve got your decorations and snacks sorted, but how do you go about keeping the 15 little guests off your furniture and out of your flowerbeds during the party? What better way than with crafting activities that will keep them busy all party long..

  • Design your very own Minecraft head. All you need are some cardboard boxes, colorful black, white, and green wrapping paper, and markers. Your little adventurers can craft their personalized heads to wear proudly during the party or even take home as souvenirs from their pixelated journey.
  • Minecraft Cookie Decorating: Provide the kids with cookies shaped like iconic Minecraft blocks, green icing, smarties, and an array of sweets to unleash their creative block-building skills. It’s a sweet way to let their imaginations run wild.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Consider setting up a Minecraft-themed scavenger hunt, complete with hidden “treasure chests” filled with goodies. You can easily purchase an out-of-the-box Minecraft themed scavenger hunt on Etsy that is easy to run and loads of fun. Check out our favourite one here.

Minecraft themed Party Games

Last but certainly not least, it’s time to dive into the world of Minecraft-themed party games. Take the classic Minute to Win It games and given them a Minecraft twist, ensuring that the excitement never drops. Think “Creeper Balloon Pop,” where players have to pop balloons using nothing but their bodies to reveal hidden prizes.

For the gaming enthusiasts among your guests, unleash the power of multiplayer Minecraft on the Playstation. It’s like hosting your very own blocky LAN party where they can team up, build, and explore together.

Why stop at the screen when you can immerse yourself in the Minecraft universe? Consider setting up a Minecraft VR game station, where your party-goers can truly step into the blocky shoes of Steve or Alex. Although this is primarily a single-player activity, you can also set up a screen so that everyone can join in the fun by watching the active player while waiting for their turn.

Hang up a Minecraft Piñata and let the kids take turns swinging for sweet victory. To make it even more interactive, provide empty Minecraft-themed party packs that the kids can fill up with the sweets from the Piñata and take home as a tasty treasure.

The possibilities for Minecraft party games are almost as endless as the game itself! Consider organising a “Creeper Hunt” where they search for hidden Creeper plushies or set up a “Block Building Challenge” with an assortment of building materials for some creative competition.

And there you have it, our 5 tips to throwing the perfect Minecraft themed Birthday bash. We hope your party is as epic as the game and that the little ones are talking about it for months afterwards. If you have suggestions on any activities or ideas that we missed let us know in the comments below.


Some interesting Minecraft facts we loved:
  • Minecraft has sold over 176 million copies, making it one of the best-selling video games of all time.
  • Over 3 billion people have watched videos of people playing Minecraft on YouTube.
  • Over 55,000 players are playing Minecraft at any given moment.
  • Over 190 million virtual blocks are mined every day in Minecraft
  • Over 8 million crafting recipes have been discovered in Minecraft.

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