How To Throw A Pirate Themed Kids Party

How To Throw A Pirate Themed Kids Party by Yombu
Author: Chanel Georgopoulos
October 11, 2022

It’s time to party like a pirate! Here at Yombu, we love making your job as parents and party planners so much easier with professional party advice for your kiddos favourite theme. Today, it’s How To Throw A Pirate Themed Kids Party – so, anchor’s away!

1) Pirate Invitations

Get great map and pirate inspired templates from Yombu and their digital creatives who customize digital invitations to your party theme. All you have to do is submit your details online and they will send the customized invite within 24 hours. If you aren’t happy with it, you get 3 more revisions to make it perfect.

2) Pirate Games

If your little guests are super energetic, then a pirate relay will be an excellent way to get them to burn off some steam. Yombu knows some amazing kids entertainers that can rally the children into interactive, hilarious party games to keep them busy for 60 minutes. One coordinator will run 7-8 party games, while you sit back and chill. Other themed games can be a pirate twist on the classic pin the tail on the donkey – in this case, the eyepatch on the pirate.

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Pirate Party Yombu
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Pirate Party Yombu
Pirate Invitations

3) Pirate Themed Decor

Black, red and white are a great base for pirate themed décor. You can string bunting, position skeletons and use props like treasure chests for an authentic pirate look. Etsy has loads of DIY pirate balloon kits, as well as tableware. You can set up life-sized skeletons  at the entrance to your party, and some smaller ones sitting at the food tables. Maps and barrels also make for great accessories. The Party Muse does bespoke kids events and can turn your pirate party into a stunning scene of sophisticated pirate booty!

4) Have A Beach Party

If you want more than just pirate party ideas, consider hosting the party at a nearby lake or beach and making it a beach party! The scenery will really immerse guests in the pirate theme, and the venue allows for plenty more fun pirate games. Challenge your guests to create paper boats and hold contests for things like “biggest boat to float”, “boat that floated for the longest”, “boat that made it the furthest”, and more! If you don’t live close to a large body of water, there are still ways to add to your venue. A sandbox is a perfect touch, and the paper boat races will work just as well in a large kids pool. Let the children play make believe with toy boats, pirate figures, skeletons and treasure. Let them dress up and provide a space for them to role play. If you need some ideas on how to create a pirate world, check this out.

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5) Pirate Food

A party is never complete without a delicious cake! There are tons of different ways to go about a birthday cake. You can find pirate themed party decorations to put on your own homemade cake, or you could go to your local bakery or supermarket and have them create a themed cake for you. Hostess with The Mostess has some amazing pirate dessert table and drink station ideas too, as well as where to grab that cake (hint: 4 Kids Cakes)! Other food options include walk the plank sandwiches, cut into narrow strips, and cannon meatballs.

How to Throw a Pirate Party – Yombu (YouTube)

We hope this sparked your creativity in How To Throw your own Pirate Themed Kids Party. The key is to have lots of activities going on at the same time so that the kids don’t sit bored. Invite other parents over too and have a ball! You’ve got this – happy sailing!


How do you decorate a pirate party?

Try any nautical color, with glass bottles with rolled up paper inside, seashells and ornate trinkets and costume jewelry in treasure chests.

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The Author: Chanel Georgopoulos
Chanel is a Content Writer and Party Planning Specialist at Yombu, where she writes blog articles, party planning guides, and other resources to help parents and party planners throw amazing Birthday parties.

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